Panic? Mostly I shop to get ideas of things I would like to make. I don't buy very often but I tend to be streaky so I am just coming off a 'big' buying spree. I bought a couple of merino sweaters at Costco, a GAP tipped ponte blazer, a saddle colored mini messenger at GAP, some ponte skirts at Costco, a dress at BR, a leopard print top, and skinny jeans at Old Navy and a couple of scarves too. I've just lost @40 lbs so some of my winter stuff from last year didn't fit. I ended up getting new bras and panties too for that reason. TMI?

This is not typical. Before that I had gone 8 months without buying a single clothing item. I'd like to get back to sewing more of my stuff and in the not so distant past sewed most of my own clothes. It opens up the possibilities when you have not just the clothes in the stores in the colors shown but all the patterns available in any color I can find appropriate fabric in.