I have bunches, mostly black, but I don't wear them much. I am very unbalanced. Imagine a stack of quarters, push the top few to the left and the bottom few to the right. That would be my torso if I were facing left. I am big busted with a big round rump and I don't hate either of them but finding a single garment that can cover both with ease is difficult, not impossible but tough. I just bought a surplice tree bark print B&W dress from Banana Republic that works because it is stretchy was all get out. There is also a belly in between the boobs and the butt that I do not like and no one can make me! This dress disguises it fairly well. Beyond that dress I have a bunch of sheath dresses that I have made so they do fit the particular curves of my body fairly well. I fell in love with the black and white striped flared skirt Old Navy dress on Already Pretty and bought it -haven't had the nerve to wear it yet. I did come up with an awesome steampunk costume with it and a black leather corset. Yeah, I own a black leather corset, also never worn out of the house!